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Who is your typical client?


There is no typical client.  We have clients who range from 15 to 75. This includes professionals and executives in all lines of work, entertainers, single men and women, housewives and high school and college age students.

What type of shopping budget do I need?

We have worked with shopping budgets ranging from $1000 to unlimited. There are several determing factors when setting a shopping budget. Establishing need, preference of retailers and wardrobe quantity are all part of the decision making process.  KBCouture is happy to help you set a realistic budget that allows you to meet your objectives and needs.


Which stores do you typically shop for your clients?

We will shop everything from Neiman Marcus to Nordstrom Rack, Target or designer and consignment boutiques . KBCouture maintains a vast and very diverse clientele.  We work with each individual client's budget to help meet their need.  



How can you help me find my personal style?

Every client's style is unique.  We will combine current lifestyle, wardrobe needs, desired personal perception, body type and current fashion to set styling objectives. Another great tool is the online questionnaire which helps us assess your needs and aids in the in-person consultation.  Contact us today for the password to get started!

Do you prefer to shop with or without the client?

We leave that up to the client.   Many people do not enjoy shopping and prefer us to do it for them.  In this case, items are selected and brought to the client's home for a fitting.  Occassionally, the client will opt to go with the stylist to educate themselves on the process.  



Do you work with a hairstylist?

Yes.  We have preferred stylists who have proven track records.  We will deal directly with the stylist communicating cut and color preferences that were discussed in the hair consultation with KBCouture.



Do you charge for travel time?

Travel time bills out at $75/hr.  This includes trips to and from a client's home.  

Airfare, hotel and/or rental car are other possible expenses that the client may incur if an out of town stay is required.



How far in advance do I need to book services?

Depending on the services, we recommend booking 2 weeks in advance. However, depending on scheduling changes, some clients are able to book services with no more than 1 day notice.




What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal or business checks, Zelle,Venmo and debit/ credit cards via PayPal.  




Do I need to make a deposit when booking services?

Yes, we request a deposit of 50%.  The deposits are fully refundable if cancellations are made 5 business days prior to the scheduled service date.  If cancellations are made within the 5 days, KBCouture withholds $200 of the initial deposit.  The other portion is refunded to the client.  Clients may reschedule without affecting the deposit amount.




When is payment due?

Payment is due upon completion of services.     



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