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“While browsing for personal shoppers, I stumbled upon the KBCouture website.  After viewing the site and reading the testimonials, it seemed as though Kimberly was the 'Perfect Fit'.   I left a message regarding my styling interests and she returned it immediately.  My experience with Kimberly was amazing!  In three days I went from 'I have nothing to wear' to 'Do you think it would be weird to change outfits mid party?  I also ended up with fresh, new make-up and a great hair cut and color.  It’s so temping to keep Kimberly as my secret but I think everyone deserves this experience.  I want every one to feel as great as I do!"


-Meredith R., Longview, TX



“My husband gave me a KBCouture gift certificate for Christmas.  It was the best gift I could have received!  After 2 kids and a little left over baby weight, I felt lost when it came to styling myself or dressing my body type.  I wasn't 21 anymore but I wasn't ready to shop at old lady stores either.  I had a closet full of clothes but not excited about any of them.  Kimberly detoxed my closet and made a shopping checklist of items she knew I needed in order to pull together an everyday casual chic look for school activities, lunches with girlfriends and date nights.  I get a ton of compliments on my wardrobe now and feel great about getting dressed every morning!" 


-Shanna B., Frisco, TX



“I was referred to KBCouture by a friend whose husband works with mine.  I always noticed how great she looked at company dinners and mutual friend get togethers and finally asked where she shopped.  She said 'I don't'.  Then she told me about KBCouture and how Kimberly had transformed her wardrobe and styled outfits with digital photographs.   I contacted Kimberly immediately and haven't worried about 'what to wear' since then.  I have been with her for 3 years now and would recommend her to anyone!"


-Carolanne M.,  Irving TX



“I have worked with several stylists and personal shoppers in the past.  I can definitely say that none of them comes close to Kimberly at KBCouture.  Her professionalism, first-class service and expert knowledge surpassed my expectations.  Needless to say, my search for a personal stylist is over.”


-Susan H., Dallas, TX



“I had recently been promoted at work and desperately needed to update my wardrobe. My new position would have me in front of clients and traveling a lot more than before.  I was very unsure as to how to pull it all together.  A co-worker had recommended using a personal stylist.  I didn't even know they existed!  I found KBCouture online and called to ask a few questions.  Within a week's time, Kimberly pulled together a very polished wardrobe and made a digital gallery of clothing combinations that I could use to help when packing for travel.  She made it all very easy."


-Craig K., The Woodlands, TX



“Kimberly is AMAZING!  She tackled my mess and whipped through twenty years of accumulated mismatched clothing in no time.  I’ve never been so organized!  The icing on the cake is that Kimberly is an absolute blast to be around.  Fun, fun, fun!  Her exuberant personality and love of life is contagious.  Now, I’m really excited about getting dressed in the mornings!”


 -Jonna F., Tyler, TX



“My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Kimberly for a couple's make over, and what a treat!  We were so impressed with how easy, simple, and fun the whole process was.  It was incredible how nearly everything she brought to us fit as if were custom made.  We were also pleased to find out how much of a bargain shopper she was! She definitely made the most of our budget. It was a pleasure to let her into our lives and our closets!”


 -Jeff and Jenni G., Southlake, TX



"After having used someone else for my first wardrobe makeover, I found myself out thousands of dollars and extremely disappointed.  In desperation, I searched online and found Kimberly.  Kimberly came to my house and assessed the mess.  In about an hour, she pinpointed my needs and had a clear idea for my personal style.  When she returned, I fell in love with everything she had purchased!  There was nothing 'cookie cutter' about it.  Kimberly is my hero! I will never use anyone else again!"


 -Sherri H., Highland Park, TX



"After some changes in my life, I really wanted to find and 'define my style'. I did some research and found Kimberly at KBCouture.  I called her and we discussed my needs and budget. I cannot even begin to describe what a neat person she is! Kimberly really puts you at ease and is focused, talented and passionate about what she does."


 -Brenda H., Dallas, TX



“Kimberly delivered a professional consultation and customized a package to meet my specific needs.  She identified my style preference, assessed my wardrobe and organized my closet.  The entire process was pleasant and efficient.  She saved me time and her results were detailed and very tasteful.  I highly recommend Kimberly and any service offered by KBCouture.”


-Roman K., Plano, TX



My husband found KBCouture online after becoming frustrated with constantly hearing about my lack of shopping success.  He contacted Kimberly and set up an appointment for us to meet. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very thorough and focused.  She made more progress in one day than I had made all year.  Time and Money Well Spent!"


-Kathy F., Houston, TX



“Within the first few minutes of meeting Kimberly, I knew I was in good hands.  She assembled a fabulous 'fashion forward' wardrobe with over 20 interchangeable staple pieces.  I left Dallas with a new hairstyle, skin care regimen,  make up and a completely overhauled wardrobe.  I highly recommend Kimberly.  She possesses the natural talent to help any client update their image.  More importantly, Kimberly genuinely cares about her clients and has a passion for her work.”


 -Lisa D., Houston, TX



"WOW!  Kimberly is so many things, amazing, fun, knowledgeable and very talented!  I had such a fun time learning about fashion and the do's and dont's for me.  I'm so excited about sporting my 'New You' wardrobe.   Thank you Kimberly.  I'm looking forward to the next time!"


 -Jodi M., Scottsdale, AZ



“The education Kimberly has provided has been invaluable.  I now can shop for myself successfully and without frustration.  She has shown me what styles of clothing work best for my body type and what color palettes compliment my skin tone.  She is one of the best teachers I know!"


-Diedre W., Tulsa, OK



"Kimberly is the finest stylist I have ever worked with.  Her creative approach and friendly style made everything easy and exhilarating.  From the consultation to the final touches, I was amazed at how easy it all was.  She helped me make smart decisions.  She's just a natural for bringing out the best in people.  She brought out the best in me!  There's no telling how much time and money I saved.”


-Jeff L., Austin, TX



“Kimberly has a special talent for uncovering a person’s unique style.  Her attentive, caring and uplifting personality made me feel like a celebrity!  It’s obvious that she cares about her clients.  Kimberly’s organization and attention to detail saved me hours of shopping time and rekindled my love for shopping.”


-Dr. Lara A., Plano, TX



“It was a joy working with Kimberly!  She was able to meet my scheduling needs and found perfect items for my wardrobe.  I wish I had met her 10 years ago, I never knew shopping could be so easy.  I look forward to our next consultation."


-Chris  D., Frisco, TX



“Shopping with Kimberly is like shopping with a best friend.  She listened and made great recommendations for my style and budget.  The tips she gave regarding makeup were easy to learn. I felt like me, only updated!  My husband loved my new look!”


-Jennifer K., Plano, TX



“Who knew shopping could be so stress free?  I feel great and it’s been easier to face each day feeling put together.  Thank you so very much Kimberly.”


-Stephanie H.,Houston, TX



“Kimberly has a great eye for fashion!  She successfully incorporated pieces from my existing wardrobe with new, complimentary items that have enhanced my overall look, all while staying within the budget set for me.  I feel fabulous and have never received so many compliments!”


-Abigail H., Dallas, TX


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